Thursday, August 4, 2011

And so is life....

Ok, first and foremost, I will apologize to my Canadian friends and family, now, because what I need to say is relative to my experiences in Canada..  So, with that said, please know that any one on my friends lists (facebook, google plus or any others) I am not talking about those who I consider friends or family.  And I apologize if my post is found to be offensive, but I do have to go with what I feel.

So, they last 11 years or so, I have met some truly amazing Canadians.  However, the problem with a mega-city is NOT those that I have befriended.  But the higher the population, the greater the ratio of stupid people is.  I am so sick of ignorant fucking people who think they are some one when they are no more than me or any one else.  I am sick and tired of people who think they have the right to displace, say ignorant things, or be down right hostile, without getting the same demeanor in return.  Really, it's not a hard equations people.  You get hostile towards some one, EXPECT HOSTILITY in return.  Simple...  Easy...  NO FUCKIN BRAINER...  Unless you're a bloody crackhead...  Then, I guess nothing sinks in.  It's all YOU, YOU, YOU.

Just in case some people are not aware, and in the event any one plans to meet me AFTER reading my blog, know now, I AM NOT A PUSH-OVER.  I treat people as they treat me.  I am completely capable of diplomacy, but if you show none, then I will show you the same lack of fucking respect.  This is the way the world works.  And don't come at me all hostile, and then say I don't know who you are, because chances are, you don't know who the fuck I am either.  Don't act like a fucking ditch-pig cunt then get pissed when some one calls you bitch (because, really, Bitch is polite in my book).  I wear my Bitch like a crown and if you get out of hand with me, I will not sit back and take it.  Do not threaten me, because I make promises not threats.  And keep one thing in mind, are you afraid the police?  Because I am not and I believe in law enforcement when you want to make a threat at me.  Because there is a reason they have laws against "Uttering Death Threats" and don't think those laws are there to just look pretty.

So, with that said, thank you ignorant fucktard strangers of Canada for ensuring that over the last 11 years or so, I have not been able to fully enjoy so much as one birthday, one special occassion or anything else with out some bloody cunt/douche-bag jumping up to start shit.  Funny, never had a bad birthday in the States.  Imagine that.

And people have the nerve to say Americans were high strung?  I WILL show you high strung, any time I'm pushed to it.  AND THAT TAKES A LOT OF FUCKING PUSHING.

I am over diplomacy and ready to start using my strategic skills.  That's the only warning I ever intend to offer again.

And by all means, please do not wonder why I can't see Toronto as my home.  Where I come from, the stupid people are a bit easier to deal with. 


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